Monday, 14 May 2012

The Tomcat

A weeklong this we often hear tomcat through news in television. This is started from disquiet of citizen Surabaya which sudden get the epidemic attack tomcat. Then what sih tomcat that? Following is his explanation :
Tomcat is of a kind the is insect of his population is in rice field area and rerumputan. This animal have the other name Kumbang Rove. In Indonesia, Tomcat habit referred with Semut Semai or Semut Kayap. This animal also is " friend" for farmer because Tomcat is predator from pest wereng.
But that way, beware of with the is insect of one this. That because of Tomcat have the poison dilution is very dangerous toxin hemolimf. This toxin is known as paederin owning 12 times;rill more killing of snake can kobra. But, poison this don't kill. If/When poison tomcat [regarding/ hit] the husk will result the pruritis, felt the heat and blister, if/when scratched will disseminate.
But don't worry, because dilution poison tomcat preventable and cured. Such as from Vivanews :
This beetle very interest with light, so that better avoid to reside in too close to lamplight or minimization usage of light of near by window and door.
Use the organic pesticide or aerosol douche or mosquito net of galingale mixture, leaf mimba, and sereh to kill the beetle entering.
If there are any beetle kanai which descend upon the husk, don't kill it in body, but breeze [so/till] go.
If natural husk of contact with this insect, arise the sensation burnt the then to to squeeze to be accompanied by theX the matter appearance in middle shares in a few days.
Soon clean the shares hit with soap and water. If happened the husk reaction, clean with light antiseptic pemanganate potassium dilusian ( Kmn04) be like hydrocortisone 1% and weak steroid cream for example betametasone and antibiotic neomycin sulphate of 5%.
Don'T scratch the hurt, because his poison even can make a move to other shares [of] husk pass the dilution in hurt. But, if/when hurt happened at the mucous membrane and eye area, better soon to medical.
With medication, generally hurt will good in 10 day [so/till] three weeks without generating the secondhand. But, hurt can ex- if entangling dermis.
Medical is also suggest to avoid the sunshine [so that/ to be] do not happened the hurt inflammation cause the secondhand kehitaman.

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